Manic Pixie Nightmare Enby. Aroace Nelipot with ADHD, Dyspraxia, & purple hair. Occasionally writes stuff. Kinky, geeky, & emotionally unavailable. (they/them)

Who is The Barefoot Daisy?

About me

Ah, call me Daisy :)

I've been around the world, but am currently based in Scotland. I'm a long-purple-haired daisy-loving footwear-hating wood-elf with ADHD & Dyspraxia. My passions include cryptic crosswords, cooking with spices, doing kinky stuff, and jogging.

I'm one of those strange non-binary people you might have read about.

About My Writing

I grew up being exposed to a wide variety of literature and content. My influences include:

  • Tolkien (obviously)
  • Lewis Carroll
  • The Asterix comic books
  • 1950s radio programme The Goon Show (and much that subsequently was inspired by it)
  • Terry Pratchett (and, related, Douglas Adams)
  • Theatrical Farce
  • 1990s Contemporary Female Fiction (eg Lisa Jewell, Freya North)

I mainly write contemporary fiction short stories, though I've tried my hand at poetry. I'll often use writing prompts for Flash Fiction on Twitter, and my main WiP is a fantasy adventure novel grounded in physics rather than magic, that I've described as Terry Pratchett crossed with Blakes Seven.