"Student Confessional"

In a dorm room at Uni, with some friends close to me
There's a party when she turns up late
A flowering dress, sandals, glasses impress me,
But I assume that back home there's a mate
She spies my friend Phil, but despite his goodwill
She's not comfy with him here as well
He gives her the eye, so she turns with a sigh
Then smiles but at me I can't tell.

We play “truth or dare”, as the drinks make us care
Less about how we're acting tonight.
She plays the games badly; we tickle her madly;
Phil stares with a pervish delight.
He doesn't get better and he doesn't let her
Relax; as it's clear he wants more
But I take her back, when his plans for attack
Fall down drunk as he walks out the door.

In the warm April twilight, a walk under starlight
We hold hands and we talk like old friends.
Invited for drinks, but in less than the blink
Of an eye; done more than we intend.
She doesn't say no, so I let myself go
And she passes out from all the gin
I leave her to sleep, so for passions not deep
I say Father Forgive Me My Sins.

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