Requests, Parodies, and Miscellaneous

This section is for the poems that don't really fit in anywhere else, because of style or content, or because they have been specifically commissioned by friends of mine. I've also, over the years, written a couple of parodies of real songs, twisted to suit certain events and occasions. If people know I write poems, they will sometimes ask me to write something for them, a birthday poem for their boyfriend for example, or something like that.

There is also one poem here written by an old University friend of mine, in about 1994. At the time it blew me away.

  • A Morning in Holyhead Railway Station
    Only the second poem I ever wrote, it doesn't really fit into the Early Period poems because the rest of them are about love and life. I was waiting at Holyhead to catch a ferry over to Ireland to visit a penpal (Dolores), and just decided to write down what I saw. It's a bit weird in structure I think but the sentiment is there!
  • No Title
    Written on the same sheet of paper as, and directly above, "A Vision of Beauty"; it was never given a title and is typed here pretty much as it is written (not quite the same; that's more to do with the fact a sheet of A4 paper isn't terribly wide!). I think I was experimenting with poetic form as much as anything else. Quite odd.
  • Brief poem dedicated to Ms Rebecca Carr
    Was bored in an Economics Open day at School in Spring '93. Becky was a penpal of mine and we had a habit of flirting with each other; she dared me to write a poem about her so that's what I did. She quite liked it too.
  • Poem written for Beth
    Written 29 Sept 2000. One of my online friends wanted me to write a poem that she could give to her parents. So I did!
  • Valentines Poem written for Beth
    Written 14 Feb 2001. The same online friend asked me to write a poem that she could then give to her boyfriend for Valentine's Day. There's a slight tilt to 'Inside Out' by Eve6 in this, plus it cracks on to a couple of her desires.
  • My Way (Midlands Sales Variant)
    Written, as all the best light-hearted songs are, in a pub (03 September 03). It's all about the firm I work for, and looking back on its life because it, like an old man, doesn't have long left to live. Well my workplace found it amusing!
  • Let Plus Entertain You
    With apologies to Robbie Williams ... It took four years from first thought to actually writing it (completed 13 Dec 03), but here we go, a lyric dedicated to my Wednesday Night Social Group! It almost works, although it's a lot more distant from the original than the above reworking of 'My Way' is. Now if I could only get my group to sing it ... !!!
  • "Student Confessional"
    [I don't have a proper title for this poem yet!]. It's essentially a poem written that summarises one of the stories I've written for my 'College Games' series; the exact 'opposite' way round to the poem 'Dancing Barefoot' in fact! It takes a dark subject matter and looks at it from the 'opposite' side. And it's in this section because it has the same rhythm and stress beat pattern as 'Lucille' by Kenny Rogers ...
  • One Last Sicknote - by Simon Stapleton.
    Simon was a guy I shared a house with in the second year of Uni. He was a bit similar to me, but even more so. He had written this poem and when I read it thought it was amazing. He tried to put it to music but hadn't got round to it by the time he moved out. It's a bit bleak and depressive but it fitted in well with my mood at the time. Not sure when the poem was written but I knew him between '93 and '95 so I'm guessing it would have been '94.

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