My Way (Midlands Sales Variant)

And now, the end is near
And so we face the final sell-off
You know, it's all so clear
We could have been so much more well-off

We've seen a lot of change
From IQR to RGMA
And through this whole wide range
We did it our way

Mistakes, we've made a few
Due mainly to our inept billing
But now we know just what to do
And now it's just Transco we're killing

We knew the Network Code
They all were scared of what we'd say
We got back what we were owed
And did it our way

Yes there were times, we're sure you knew
When Forstar crashed, and old debt grew
But every time, we had a plan
We sold our sites, to start again
The phoenix rose for a new day
And did it our way

We've had a varied past
Under two names, four buildings worked in
But now, with little staff
We found it so much more uncertain

But still, we gave our all
And stood our ground, ended up okay
And though we were so small
We did it our way

For what's a supplier, what have they got
If they've no skill, there's only rot
We were there once, but bad no more
Our lessons learned, we closed the door
The record shows we took the blows
And did it our way!

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