Welcome to Sandwell

Brandhall, Rowley, Tat Bank, Yew Tree
Hamstead, Wood Green, Black Lake, Hall Green

Welcome to the land of opportunity
Welcome to the land where the streets are paved with gold

Centre of the country, or centre of the Earth
Relocate to here, you’re sure to prove your worth
From nuts and bolts and chains, to sparks and flames of power
Our influence is everywhere, from deep mine to tall tower
From an Eastern Golden Temple, to a white windmill in France
We offer a bright future, you have to take this chance

Welcome to Sandwell

Dudley Port, Langley, Oakham, Burnt Tree
Portway, Oldbury, Stone Cross, Timbertree

Welcome to the land of prime development
Welcome to the land made with Europe’s subsidies

Suburban city living, at inner-city price
Moving in from Surrey?  You could buy it twice
Getting round is easy, when the motorways are clear
The streets are getting cleaner, despite what you might hear
Six old boroughs join, to form one beating heart
Unity and Progress, a chance for a fresh start

Welcome to Sandwell

Old Hill, King’s Hill, Ocker Hill, Balls Hill
Darby End, Rood End, Princes End, Toll End

Newton, Great Barr, Wednesbury, Friar Park
Warley Woods, Cradley Heath, Guns Village, Hateley Heath

But life’s not always sweet, in the borough without a town
The tanks have long since gone, the factories have closed down
Everybody’s leaving, life expectancy is short
And a fifth of the residents are on income support

Soho, Blackheath, Great Bridge, Whiteheath
Smethwick, West Brom, Tividale, Tipton

Welcome to the land of unemployment
Welcome to the land where the streets are paved with scrap

Crime is on the increase, realised fear of one in ten
High infant mortality, skinny babies now and then
A tenth of borough housing is unfit for habitation
Forty-Six percent have less than one qualification
But despite these faults, our reputation’s not that poor
You won’t find us on a map, we’re just a little obscure

Welcome to Sandwell
Believe me, you’re welcome to it!

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