On The Beach

On the beach I hear the sirens loudly wailing
As they warn of an impending air attack
On the beach I see the battleships go sailing
But in my heart I know they won’t come back

How did it all come down to this
They must know they’re not fighting fair
It’s the end of the world as we know it
And I feel nothing but despair

On the beach I see the bombs begin descending
The metallic rocks of death fall from the sky
On the beach there’s no use in pretending
As in my heart I know we’re going to die

No-one’s going to save the world
No-one’s going to play the hero
As the missile hits the target
Then our chances fall to zero

On the beach I see the distant town exploding
There’s nothing but a mushroom cloud of smoke
On the beach I feel a dark sense of foreboding
Tears of frustration rise and make us choke

The die has long been cast
We’re just pawns in the game of life
Only guilty of being born
Into a world of hate and strife

On the beach we feel ourselves now slowly dying
There’s no escape from creeping radiation
On the beach the old and young lie crying
There’s no comfort or relief in medication

No hope, no light, no future left
Our achievements turn to rust
Nothing left of us but ash
Death amongst the nuclear dust

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