9/11 (All Quiet on the Western Front)

A blood-red symbol of violent times
In your buttonhole
Reminding you of all those crimes
That tear into your soul

To remember those who fell in battle
Spilt their blood for their nationís pride
To remember those who ran like cattle
The enemyís guns cast them aside

Poems were written and prayers were said
But the crying still went on
And the soldiers still were dying
Two days before the end of the war
To end all wars was won

No terrorist attack could ever be compared
To the atrocities fought in the name of peace
60,000 men on one day interred
And from the horror they found release

Let history show they didnít die in vain
But they are not the only ones to fall
And while leaders with warped ideals reign
Only the dying and the dead will stand tall
Two minutes before the end of the war
To end all wars was won

And every year after you pray for peace
And for the world to be united
But you know it will never cease
While those in charge remain short sighted

And still we battle face to face
Or send our soldiers on a manhunt
While all this is taking place
It can never be quiet on the Western Front

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