(Is There) Life on Sedna?

He lives all alone
In a house that he bought
A two-up-two-down
Big enough for his thoughts
His neighbours are quiet
An old man and a nurse
They donít see him round
To chats heís averse
No phone or TV
[luxuries he donít need]
Writes poems and books
He knows no-one will read
No music heís bought
For nearly ten years
Newspapers report
The Pop-Culture he fears ...

He dials in from home
For his job every day
Doesn't go out with work
He prefers it that way
Hates meeting his team
Prefers data to staff
No management aims
Rather spreadsheets and graphs
Not learned how to drive
Never ridden a bike
For countryside trips
He'll take buses, or hikes
Goes looking for pubs
Serving proper cask ale
He travels alone
[No-one follows his trail]

He doesn't want kids
Nor imagine a wife
Who'd put up with him
[And his introvert life]
His friends are abroad
His address book is blank
When he shops for his food
There's no people to thank
The future he plans
Will be far from this place
He'll sail the canals
[Disappear without trace]
A small lump of rock
In the deeps of the skies
Will orbit the sun
Alone till it dies

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