Sweet Dreams Forever

People always cry at a funeral
Tears of sympathy for the dead
But is it really them they are weeping for
Or for their own mortality instead

Do you remember what it was like
In the days before your birth
Itís the same that you can look forward to
When you leave this Earth

Do you know where you go to
When you fall asleep at night
Imagine that feeling for the whole of eternity
Does it fill you with fright

Maybe we only get the one life
Maybe we come back again
But once we die itís too late to know
And what can we do then

One day our friends will weep over us
When weíll all be in our grave
But I want that day to be far away
Our time we have to save

The future may well be unknown
But the end is absolutely certain
So we must grab just what we can
Before our final curtain

Sweet dreams, and may you wake to remember them.

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