Rise of the Quirkyalones

Did you as a child ever dream of sweet and wild
Fairytales that end with snow-white wedding days?
Then as you grew up fast, you couldn't wait to see walk past
Your door, a Charming Prince to come upon your way?
Now just a little older, feeling just a little colder
You're still holding out for heroes with a sigh
As no-one's ever met the taxing standards that you've set
So resigned to solitude you'd sit and cry?

No? Neither did I.

I never gave a crap about the boys and girls who trapped
Themselves in loveless partnerships just out of fear.
Just thinking of themselves, lest they be left upon the shelves
At which society will laugh and shed no tears.
But having said that equally, I really don't have sympathy
For desperate single people's longing moans
Their weekends on the pull, it's such a shame their lives are full
Of such self-pity like neurotic Bridget Jones

I'm quirkily eccentric with a side of joie-de-vivre
I don't compromise myself unless it's right
I'm alone because I want to be, my self-respect is dear to me
I won't give up myself without a fight

The cults the public follow; famous couples in the hollow
Glossy gossip magazines  I just don't care
The media's obsessed with wanting us to be impressed
By perky people and their on/off love affairs
And on the silver screen, the cheesy happy endings mean
That if you end the film alone, the viewers weep
But all this is for show; it's formulaic and I know
That I could write a chick-lit novel in my sleep!

I'm quirkily eccentric with a side of joie-de-vivre
About society I could care less
I'm alone because I want to be, it's not because of destiny
And I'll find my own way to happiness

I'll sit alone in pubs whilst under city lights the clubbers
Mingle in the busy streets without a care
Or walking through the flowers in the countryside for hours
Taking pictures in some random village square
While some might think it better to be quirkily together
And my mother finds this hard to understand
Most importantly, my close friends mean much more to me
Than some lover who won't always hold my hand

I'm quirkily eccentric with a side of joie-de-vivre
You'll be waiting many years to see me wed
I'm single cos I want to be, my friendships are all dear to me
Don't imagine things will change before I'm dead

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