It's All About Meme!

The common factor with all these poems is that they are all about me; not necessarily about *me*, but about things I've done, how I've felt about personal issues, and how I react to things around me. It also looks into my future.

Generic nostalgia (not related to Primary School), Death, General Friendship (unrelated to specific people), and all manner of other things can be found here.

  • Plus Grandir
    This poem didn't turn out anything like I imagined it would. I envisioned it to be a depressive take on the concept of getting old, and it ended up being quite light-hearted and fun. I also didn't imagine it as a song, but when writing it, it just seemed to flow quite naturally in that direction. Written again on 1 August 03. The title comes from a Mylène Farmer song of the same name; it's also about getting old but that's where the similarity ends. The title literally means something like "No more to grow old".
  • Ten Years After
    The first half of this poem was written on a whiteboard where I worked in late August '03, but finally finished on 2 September 03. It's quite a vague poem, basically comparing how life was in someone's past to how it is now. Of course it's inspired by the Louise incident (which took place exactly ten years prior to me starting to write it), but it could be equally applied to anything where nothing changes, despite time.
  • Sweet Dreams Forever
    Yes it's another poem about death! Written just after midnight on 18/19 November 03. Maybe I'm trying to come to terms with my own mortality as well, but of course writing poems about it isn't going to stop it from happening.
  • The Ballade of Friendship
    Written 6 January 04; it's about friendship but specifically directed at the same person as "That Certain Someone". It's another one of my attempts at a "structured" poem - it follows the recognised form for a Ballade. I'm not entirely happy with the envoi at the end but the rest of it is pretty much how I feel about friendship, especially with certain people from my past and present.
  • Crossroads (Sonnet for a Sonnet)
    The main personality test on OK-Cupid defines people in one of 16 ways, one of which is "The Sonnet". Upon taking the test, one of my close friends did indeed come out as such, and this poem was written with her in mind. At the time of writing (feb '04), the firm I was working for was about to be bought out, I was at a low point in my relations with women, and I had some decisions to make ...
  • Goodbye Bartley Green
    The best thing I ever did for my sanity was sell my house in Birmingham, when I moved jobs to Coventry. It was a lovely house, it suited me well, and I felt really comfortable there. But it wasn't *my* house. It was *our* house - mine and my ex-fiancée Laure's. And the longer I spent there, alone, the less I felt able to 'get over' her. This poem reflects the 'break' I made at the time, and how i felt I wasn't just saying 'goodbye' to the house, but also to that whole part of my life.
  • (Is there) Life on Sedna?
    Sedna is one of those 'dwarf planets' orbiting in the far reaches of the Solar System. I was trying to write a poem detailing that I was happy to go through life without being too social or too notable. Had I known the word then, I'd have said this was my being embryonically 'quirkyalone'. The other aspect of this poem is I find it hard to read without thinking of 'La Vie Par Procuration' by Jean-Jacques Goldman; this (for once) was not an intentional aspect.
  • Rise of the Quirkyalones
    Quirkyalone: "someone who enjoys being single (but is not opposed to being in a relationship) and generally prefers to be alone rather than dating for the sake of being in a couple". My mother keeps asking me whether there are any women on my horizon. I have been to three weddings of people my age in the past year. This is my reply :)

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