Moving On (Goodbye Bartley Green)

Iím going back
The long familiar roads I used to walk
down every day now seem so very strange
Though nothingís changed
Iím still on track
In someone elseís world the shadowy
sinister trees jump out and hide my view
Just passing through
Why am I living in
a place where no-one smiles
All that I can see feels so strange to me
Goodbye Bartley Green

Iím moving on
The sign outside the family home has gone
for good; just memories are what remain
Theyíre not the same
My past has gone
A waste of five good hopeful years that mean
our dreams of love and life have turned to dust
The end of ďusĒ
Growing old together
I guess was not to be
It might take a bit; Iíll get over it
Goodbye Bartley Green

I will not cry
The futureís what I live for now and I
look forward to the life that will be mine
Iíve drawn the line
Iíve waved goodbye
And never more shall I return to where
I used to call my home; itís at an end
I canít pretend.
The world is mine to claim
Nothing can hold me back
So Iíve gone away, and at last I say
Goodbye Bartley Green

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