The Ballade of Friendship

Once I said that friendship never dies
Instead it tends to slowly fade away
Where once was love now they only despise
And those they trusted now they just betray
But while the stars stay shining in the skies
And nature is always in control
I promise there’ll be no goodbyes
I hope to live forever in your soul

So many times before have things been said
But words can sometimes not convey
The feelings that grow strongly in my head
Which if you knew I’m sure without delay
You’d run from me to someone else instead
A certain someone who better meets your goal
But lest my thoughts forever be unread
I hope to live forever in your soul

It always makes me sad to have to leave you
I hope I’m back with you without delay
I wish you felt the same about me too
That we could be together every day
In all the good and bad times we’ll live through
And all the hardships that on us take their toll
You know that what I feel for you is true
I hope to live forever in your soul

And so my friend, to my utmost dismay
And before I find myself losing control
The poem ends. But once more I convey
I hope to live forever in your soul

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