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OK here we go ... I used to write stories and poems a lot more than I do now. I'm not sure how or why I got started, but I remember having endless fun in "Creative Writing" at Primary School! I've always had a bit of an 'overactive' imagination, so ...

For a long time I wrote only silly stories, often quite long, that were in the form of 'scripts'. Mostly these concerned the people I knew at the time having strange adventures on a continent I created. I always tried to make them funny, but usually they just ended up as stupid, even if the people I wrote into them found them amusing. Fortunately, very few of these survive, although this is through no fault of my own.

One day, I decided - 'I must write a serious story'. After months of half-hearted effort I came up with a story called 'The Acid House Affair', which marked a transition in my writings. It dealt with a serious topic - drug-dealing in schools - and was not designed to be that humorous! However, it was in no way realistic, and I was never quite sure which way the story would end up going. It was never completely finished - there was a section near the beginning that was never written - and now I do not believe it ever will be. However, it did mark a turning point in my writings.

At about the same time, I went through the usual phase of teenage depression. This, coupled with studying 'A'-level English, led to some rather new thoughts and ideas for stories. It is during this period in my life that most of the stories and poems were written. It was also 'A'-level English that led me to write poems; it had previously been something that I thought too difficult. I still find this to be the case, which is why my poems don't seem to have a structure. Kind critics might call it 'free verse'!!

I go through phases with my poetry writing, I'll start a few then I won't touch them for a number of years ...

On these pages are all the poems I've ever written, plus notes on the more recent ones that are either incomplete, or I just never got round to starting! You will notice some common themes (I always found it very hard to write a *happy* poem!), but equally those of you who know me pretty well, or who have found out more about my inner thoughts from other pages, may be interested to note that I don't always write poems about who and what you might expect (see below).

My stories you won't find any more on these pages; they're really not that good and a couple of them were just too long. I am currently working on an idea, and have been for well ovr a decade ... (with little progress!! Much to the chagrin of some of my netpals, and the folks I used to work with!), that is liable to be almost novel-length. If I ever finish it, I will post it on this web page. Well, I've got the space for it ... !!!

My 'librarianism' dictates that I sub-divide my poems into certain categories, whilst my 'eccentric artisticness' suggests silly names for each division ... don't worry it all makes sense to me! They're separated by theme, rather than in chronological order, and just because nostalgia my Primary School was my first major inspiration doesn't mean that this was either my earliest nor my most common muse ...

Index :-


These deal with aspects of life at Primary School, and of nostalgia.

Teenage Angst

These poems, mainly written in '93/'94, deal with growing up as a lovelorn teenager.

To All The Girls I Knew Before

Here we have poems which talk about influential women, lost loves, and other stories.

Politics and Popular Culture

Poems about things that matter. And Pop-Culture. Which doesn't!

All About Meme

These poems tend to be those with a specific reference to me, or my past, that don't really fit in elsewhere.

Experiment IV (and a half)

These poems were written with no aim in mind, but to experiment with different styles.
Some of them are as a response to poetry exercises found in 'how to' guidebooks.

Requests, Parodies, and Miscellaneous

Poems specifically requested, or parodies of other's works, and others which really don't fit in anywhere else.

Erotic Poetry

More ... explicit ... writings. Read with care!

Chronological List

For those of you with a craving for statistics, here's a list of all my poems, in chronologial order!

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