Poem for Helen that really needs a title but I couldn't be mythered to think of one yet

So I was wrong
We were never meant to be together
It was never meant to last forever
Between us

Now we're alone
Saddled with the memory of what could never be
Wishing on a star that might just have set us free
From our past

Where did it all go wrong
Our love started out so strong

How time has passed
It's been a year since our keen lips first met
So unexpected was our love and yet
So intense

Who would have thought
The speed at which we lept from names upon a screen
To lovers in real life would be matched by the scene
of our split

That lovin' feelin's gone
But still we muddled on

Now here am I
Without you, crying all my days away
Didn't want to leave, didn't want to stay

You loved me once
You used to be so kind, you used to be so dear
Now just a memory, nothing more than a tear
On my heart

Never loved you around
But now it's lost I've found

My love from you.

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