Every time I hear your name
A chill runs through my heart.
Even though it's been some time,
From you I still can't bear to be apart.

Thoughts of you keep coming back
While all alone I lie.
Memories that creep on me
Like the spider on the fly.

It's gone on so long, but now
I know it's not a fad,
Or else I wouldn't be
Feeling just so sad.

I admit I've even cried
While thinking 'bout your name.
I guess I tried to laugh it off,
But love is no such name.

Love? Yes, call it love.
It is just that I guess.
I've only seen you once since school -
That doesn't mean I like you less.

I meet few other girls,
But they just make me sore.
All they do is reject me,
And make me think and like you more.

I cannot help myself;
This feeling that I own.
I know you'll never love me,
And feel for me less than a stone.

Tonight for the very first time,
A tear fell down my cheek.
All because I thought of you -
It made me feel so weak.

I cannot usually show emotion.
I could not ever cry.
But tonight, in floods of tears,
I thought that I should die.

Only love could do this to me,
And make me feel this way.
Only love could make me cry,
As much as I did today.

Why won't you just talk to me?
Why won't you say one thing?
Even if it's just "Goodbye",
Or, "Go hang yourself with string"?

Sarah, please, I have to hear
Just what I need to know.
Do you want me; as a friend,
Or do you want me to go?

I am yours forever girl;
I'll do whatever you ask.
Just please don't leave me lying here,
With a broken heart and a clown's sad mask.

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