The Man Who Couldn't Forget His Past

She met him online at a dating site
She liked what she saw so she thought she might
well contact him
just on a whim
He remembered Bagpuss and Claire & Friends
Nostalgic reminders of 80s trends
which made them smile
and talk a while
Two weeks later they met for real
He took her to dinner and made her feel
so glad to be
like royalty
They walked home together whilst holding hands
They snogged in his doorway then made some plans
to do much more
Not long before

she fell in love

With the man who couldn’t forget his past
She didn’t know – it wasn’t meant to last
They danced barefoot in the pouring rain
with childlike glee – before the dark storm came
and brought them pain


So - three months later still going strong
Nothing seemed to be going wrong
until one day
she had to say
He seemed to lose interest in having sex
And things were reminding him of his ex
Things that she did
It hurt a bit
He seemed to obsess about past events
And writing poems about things that meant
much more than her
He didn't care
She tried to tempt him with loving pleas
But he seemed lost in his histories
and couldn't hear
her growing fear

to escape from

The man who couldn’t forget his past
She realised – she’d fallen far too fast
He treated life as if it were just a game
And at the end – she knew who to blame
His fault again


He wouldn't persuade her she was The One
He woke up one day to find she had gone
away from there
without a care
He never made her feel loved enough
She felt their relationship was too tough
She hadn't time
for pantomime
He'd never really grown up at all
He didn't know what it meant to fall
in love like that
It fell so flat
She needed someone who'd love her back
Who's baggage-free and who didn't lack
She felt so free

She'd never think of

The man who couldn't forget his past
He'd never know - the feel of love that lasts
He lived in his past and he always thought
Of his lost loves – far more than he ought
He'd not be taught

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