To All The Girls I Knew Before

Apart from that girl from Primary School (about whom there are a couple of poems here), I've come across a number of other ladies who have deeply affected me in one way or another. Surprisingly however, I've only ever written one poem that even vaguely hints at the lady who affected me most (Louise), and also I've only ever written one poem about a then-current girlfriend. I find poetry best written in melancholic phases.

It is interesting to note that this is the longest section of my poetry. Hmmm ...

  • Dedicated to Sarah
    OK this was a bit of a silly one; compare and contrast two people while thinking of as many rhymes as you can! It sort of works, but it's a bit basic. I remember writing it in bed one night, took about 20 minutes!
  • A Vision of Beauty
    Yeh I know. We'd just learned about different poetry styles in 'A'-level English so I thought I'd try my hand at a sonnet or something. Doesn't quite work, but the idea was there. It is literally about seeing an image, almost a ghost, projected by your mind, caused by having deep feelings for someone who isn't there.
  • Sarah
    This was the last poem I wrote about that girl from school, on 23/24 August 1993. I was staying with my penpal in Haringey, and I just felt moved to write this while lying in bed one night while I was there. I think it did me good; this poem, and all the emotion it brought out of me, coupled with my lovelife completely changing a couple of days later (I met my penpal Louise the very next day), meant I finally got her out of my system. I haven't thought of her in that way ever since, which is a good thing.
  • Musings in Wydd Repo Room
    While browsing a folder of poetry in around '03, I found this poem, written in pencil. It's dated 25 October 1993, and it was written in the computer (reprographics) room that we had in our Hall of Residence at Uni (Lake/Wyddrington). I'm not sure who it's written about; I assume it's Megan (see poems below) but at that time in my life it could have been virtually anyone I saw around! I don't know why I never typed it up before; possibly because it's not very good?!
  • Poem for Whoever
    There are no poems written directly about Louise, which is interesting ("Ten Years After" hints at it, and there will be a story though!). This poem was written 29 November 1993, and is about a girl I met at Uni, called Megan. And what happened between us was pretty much as the poem states. She found out I'd written this and apparently wasn't happy. Oh well yet another potential relationship I'd buggered up - not the first and it certainly wouldn't be the last.
  • Farewell, Sweetheart
    Megan had said she didn't want a boyfriend at Uni. Maybe I naively believed it. About seven months later she walks into a bar and leaves with someone who not only is her boyfriend but obviously had been for some time. I had a very restless night that night and this poem was the result. After writing it, I vowed, not for the last time, that I was going to avoid women because they weren't worth it. Meh.
  • Rachel Cross was right
    My girlfriend at the time I wrote this (Laure) was actually unimpressed at this poem at first but that was because she didn't read it properly! Rachel was an ex-penpal of mine, we hadn't spoken for years, but a few things she said had stayed with me and eventually came true; I wrote the poem almost as a 'thank you' to her, that she'd been right and being with Laure proved it. Poem was written in late summer/autumn 1999.
  • To all the Girls I knew before
    Begun May '02, finished 1 August 03. I started to write this in response to a message from my ex-penpal Claire, who said she never wanted to write to me again - we'd met the previous October and I hadn't heard from her since. No reason, no explanation, just goodbye. I figured I didn't need to worry about people like that. Trouble is, it happens all too often, and no-one has ever been able to explain why. I sort of tried to imagine the poem being sung by Jarvis Cocker (think the Pulp song 'I spy').
  • Lady on the Phone
    One of those poems I had the idea for about two years ago, but finally completed it on 4 September 03. It's a poem about a lady I used to speak to a lot in the course of my work, her name was Gemma, and I did really like her voice and her attitude (I met her once, actually, in an industry meeting. She was plain, but quite cute!). Alas she moved onto other things and I haven't spoken to her for quite a while. The poem itself was written in 20 minutes in the Lighthouse pub. Not Poet Laureate material, more top 10 hit I think!
  • Friendship Never Dies
    Written on 19 November 03, it's effectively a combination of two seperate poems that I never completed; "Friendship Never Dies" was partly written years ago (not sure of the exact time but it could well even be '93, I'm not sure who I was originally thinking of but I suspect it's another poem about Sarah), and "Whatever Happened to Clairey A", of which notes were written about in mid/late '02 (not long after "To all the girls..."). I figured they both concerned the same sort of topic, and I don't think they fit too badly together (though you can see the join). Yes losing friends does affect me that much, but it always seems to happen, and I guess it always will.
  • That Certain Someone
    When inspiration takes you ... written 23 December 03, this poem came completely out of nowhere!! I had thought about writing a villanelle before, but found it too awkward, but then I suddenly thought of the central lines and it all flowed from there ... less than an hour later it was complete! It is actually about someone specific, yes ...
  • Song for Jo
    Finally completed 15 January 04, it's a poem about my first real girlfriend, Joanne. I started writing it in around '97, wrote the refrain with the tune of Etienne Daho's "Duel au Soleil" in my mind, but never got round to writing the verses! It's a strange tale; we met, we went out together, we broke up, we still went out as friends, then she stopped talking to me for two years because her friend took a fancy to me ... Eventually she did start talking to me again but the poem was never designed for that eventuality!
  • Eight Lines To Say To You That I Wish That You Were Mine
    Um. Yeh. It's a Valentine's Day Triolet, from February '04. Title partly inspired by an album by 'Veruca Salt', and partly obviously as a Triolet has eight lines. And that's all I'm saying about it!
  • The Daisy
    The Sestina is a repeat-ive form of poetry that isn't often seen in English (repeating forms tend to be more popular on the Continent, particularly France). 'The Daisy' is my penpal Emma, whose surname was apparently derived from the Latin for Daisy. [She *is* now married - tho she wasn't when I wrote it -, so it doesn't any more ... !]. I went through all the things that I rememberd from our long chats, and all the things she'd done (I've known her since Christmas '96). She was vaguely impressed with it ... (I still talk to her, at least!)
  • Poem for Helen
    A poem detailing yet another example of how easy it is for me to fall in and out of love, and the effects that it has on people when it happens. I'm not proud of being crap at relationships ...
  • I'm Not The One
    Following on from above, and written at the same time, is this warning to women everywhere, based on that same basic principle. I at least know what I am :p. It's another example of one of the many different forms of 'Round' that rely on repeated lines, which are popular in French poetry.
  • Louise (Double Ethere)
    Experimental poem, but directed towards my ex-penpal Louise (one of the very few poems!), hence it lies in this section. The content pretty much says it all - the form goes from 1-10 words per line and back again.
  • The Man Who Couldn't Forget His Past
    This is a pop-song; or at least that's the impression it gives me. It took quite a few years to complete, because I slack! It's a poem about me and relationships, and why I tend not to do very well in them; also it was inspired by the same relationship as the 'Poem for Helen'.
  • The Summer Girl
    One of those 'quick sonnets' that haven't taken more than a day to compose. She's a real person, yes ... :)

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