To all the girls I knew before

To all the girls I've met before
Who maybe thought they knew the score
The game's not finished yet

So you thought you'd beaten me
You even bribed the referee
Now I'm fighting back

Did you expect a different bloke?
Was I not like how you hoped?
Did your dreams die when we met?

Don't blame me if you're misled
I never put into your head
That image of who I am

So maybe I am not your type
That was no reason not to write
And leave me in your past

Not all of us are looking for love
Not all of us think the stars above
Shine bright from down below

And now we donít talk anymore
That used to leave me feeling sore
But now those days have gone

Itís not my fault you couldnít stand
Me not being what you planned
I wouldnít change a thing

Don't expect an invite to my wedding
Don't expect to know the day I die
Donít expect to see my kids grow older
Donít expect to know the reason why

To all the girls I knew before
Whose actions hurt me to the core
Now itís my turn to show you the door

I will have the last word

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