Friendship Never Dies

You never phone
You never write me letters
I donít know
Iím so alone
Maybe I hate it so it doesnít show

Show Iím waiting for you

You used to be so close
Or was that just a lie
Tempting me with your fake smiles
I believed our friendship would never die

Because friendship never dies
Brothers-in-arms always fight to the end
People argue but always make amends
If theyíre friends
Because friendship never dies
Always together on the journey through life
Never put off by the troubles and strife
Forever friends

But thatís all over now
I donít know what I did wrong
One day you were there
The next you donít care
We always seemed to get along

Get along as friends

Whatever happened to the people we knew
They seem to come and go as they please
Whatever happened between me and you
Our friendshipís blown away on the breeze

But friendship never dies
Partners in crime make plans for years
And continue their work through sorrow and tears
As theyíre friends
But tell that to the one that went away
Just whatever happened to Clairey A
Of course friendship never dies

It just fades away

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