Farewell, Sweetheart

Yesterday :

The whole world seemed so fine.
I had no need to pine.
I thought you could be mine.

But today :

I feel so down and lone.
I have a moody tone.
All I can do is moan.

You make me feel this way.
You make me feel like this.
You know these games you play
Just mean itís you I miss.

I wanted just to be your friend.
I wanted just to know you more.
But I guess I cannot defend
What I did and what you saw.

In my dreams I held your hand,
But in real life I did not tell;
Until one night my aching gland
Confessed; and thus was rung the knell.

I never saw you for some time,
But then one day I did.
I never saw it as a crime
That I should let myself be kid.

I still believed in you and me;
I still believed in love.
I guess I was too blind to see
You/Rd flown far like a dove.

Last night I saw you in the bar
With another man.
I did not have to look to far
To see he was your fan.

You entered and walked towards him.
It was not me but him you faced.
As you left you made me feel grim
By holding him around the waist.

In love, but not with me.
And I sit here so sad;
In love with you, but he
Has made you feel so glad.

I can no longer get you.
I can no longer try.
I write poems and feel blue;
I cannot even cry.

So farewell then, my dear sweetheart.
I was the last among your men.
It pains me to hear these words part;
But Iíll never see you again.

My fair sweet Megan.

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