Dedicated to Sarah

What do I see in you?

Your hair is like a dog.
(Shiny and tidy - as at Crufts)
Your eyes are diamond-shine.
Your nose stands out like gold.
Your lips I'd like to kiss.
Your mouth is round and fine.
Your face is nice and kind.
Your cheeks glow like a torch.
Your hands are soft to hold.
Your fingers' warm to touch.
Your body's like a porch.
(Open, warm, an asset)
Your arms I'd like round me.
Your legs are kisses sweet.
(Small but beautiful)
Your feet are like flowers.
Your toes move like a bee.
Your kiss has Hell-Fire heat.
Your hug is warm and close.
Your clothes extend your sign.
You are a pretty girl.
But why are you not mine?

Maybe because of me.

My hair is dark and dank.
My eyes are glazed and green.
My nose is badly placed.
My lips are red and mean.
My mouth is chunnel-like.
My face is vile and blank.
My cheeks are flat and dull.
My hands are rough and lank.
My fingers' picked and long.
My body's like a barge.
My arms are thin and pale.
My legs are wool and large.
My feet too much they pong.
My toes are sore and frail.
{Too much running}
My kiss should be in Hell.
My hugs would sound the knell.
My clothes are bland and drab.

You're just not right you see.
Yet I do love you so.
Why does this hang round me?
Why can't I let you go?

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