Experiment IV (and a half)

Sometimes the beauty of writing poetry is the poem itself. Now, I'm not suggesting that everyone go out and write poems simply for the fact of doing so (although such meta-poetry is relatively popular amongst modern poets), but sometimes poets get stuck in a rut of certain familiar styles, and forms, and don't really look into some of the more obscure forms.

Many of these poems were written either to experiment with unusual forms, or were as as a result of exercises in poetry books, designed to improve your all-round ability and knowledge about poetry. What I *haven't* included in here are all my Haiku. Because there are millions of them and none of them are particularly relevant ...

This section also includes any poetry that doesn't fit into the other categories with regard to subject matter, and whose form/style is somewhat ... unusual.

  • On Having A Cold
    Possibly a senryu, a Japanese form related to the Haiku. Each stanza represents one of the five major senses, and how they feel when you are suffering the effects of the Common Cold. Yep, I had one when I wrote it ...
  • Poem of my favourite words
    What the exercise said was, write down your favourite words and use them in a poem. I made a note of twelve. See if you can spot which ones they are! The poem was flowing quite well at the start, but like so often happens ('Sweet Dreams Forever','Vrillon'), the more the poem goes on the more I lose the flow. Is a bad habit.
  • A Short Poem About Beer
    Another poem written as a result of an exercise; catering to the senses and seeing what memories the senses bring back. As I was in a pub at the time, it made sense to do something beer-related!
  • Dancing Barefoot
    More 'poetry' than a 'poem' per se, I was experimenting with a different rhythm (one that starts on a stressed rather than an unstressed beat, like most English poetry does). This emphasis on the stressed beat brought to mind dance music and the clubbing scene - hence the subject matter -, and ended up prompting an internal debate as to the similarities between Techno, Rap, and Classical Music, and Poetry!!
  • Tanka For Nothing
    A Tanka is another of those Japanese poetic forms. This poem is another of those reflecting that I'm wasting my life and doing nothing constructive with it. Except possibly writing poems in unusual forms that no-one will read. Hmm meta-poetry ...
  • A Bad Rictameter
    Another ones of those 'form' poetry types, like the Ethere, where the 'poetry' aspect is in the way it looks and is made up, rather than the content. In this case we're looking at repeated syllable count. I've tried to make the two sides of the poem detail two sides of the same topic (positive and negative). Included here for completeness ...
  • Dark Pleasure
    A 'Huitain' (8 lines of 8 syllables). This, oddly, is the only poem I've ever written about chocolate!!
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