Erotic Poetry

Although fairly sparse at the moment, this section will be filled with poems about sex, erotica, and other dark topics. Interestingly, although there's only one poem here at the moment, the vast majority of poems I'm working on will actually fit into this category.

  • The Apple
    Imagine being tied down to a bed, and blindfolded, not being able to move, or to see what is happening, and all you can do is listen, and sense where they are and what they're doing. This poem is one of the very few I've written that depicts *actual* events ... :)
  • A Sonnet about Tickling
    Tickling has a bit of a weird reputation; one group of people feel that something that silly, childish, and innocent ought not to be part of sex play, whilst another group of people feel that tickling can actually be *too* intense and *hard* for even moderate BDSM scenes. But as with everything, it's how you approach it that matters.
  • Feeding Time at the Kennel
    Another erotic sonnet!! But always safe, sane, consensual ... this one exploring pleasure, submission, the master/sub relationship (from the sub's point of view). And oral sex, obviously :p
  • Ode on a Hogtied Girlfriend
    I have a painting on my bedroom wall, a genuine piece of artwork painted by one of my friends. It's of my ex-fiancée Laure - she's hogtied on a sofa - and it's based upon two photographs I took of her at the time. I always thought those pics would make good artwork, so in spring '06 I had it commissioned! This poem is based on that painting, coupled with feelings on the hogtie from other kinksters.

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