Ode on a Hogtied Girlfriend

She lies upon the couch; a mocking grin
Upon her lips; she dares for me
To tie her up, to hold and pin
Her to the couch, to make her see
Just who's in charge, and guarantee
A night of love. Across her skin
I glide some cord; a shivery glee
Consumes her whole, and makes her spin.

I feel it tighten round my wrists, I hope
he's kind, the panic starts to rise
“Why am I wanting this?”. The rope
Pulls up my ankles to my thighs.
Once fixed I wriggle in these ties
That squeeze my breasts, that grind and grope
And give me dirty thoughts. My eyes
Express submission. I can cope.

What higher beauty can be found?
A picture of unrivalled joy.
My pretty girlfriend helpless, bound
and gagged; she is my favourite toy.
There's nothing more one can enjoy
Than sit and watch, without a sound
A hogtied lover get annoyed.
[Forever round your heart she's wound.]

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