Orange Balls

Back in the old school yard
Things were never that hard
Playing football, and games of "Kiss Chase"
And never having to tie your shoelace
Hopscotch or "Stick in the Mud"
Or rounders, or skipping you could
Morning, lunch, or afternoon break
So many games in which to partake

But the loudest sound
Was when the girls danced round
And clapped and sang in time with orange balls
Orange balls
Here we go again

In the classroom we couldn't rest
Creative writing or a spelling test
On a wooden table each that we couldn't choose
With a lid and ink well we'd never use
Eat a packed lunch or bland school meal
Then measure the playground in clicks of a wheel
Tried to learn maths using green plastic blocks
Before you succumbed to chicken pox

But when the buzzer went
Out to lunch we'd be sent
Where we'd hold hands and dance the orange balls
Orange balls
Here we go again

One class would give an assembly a week
On any topic from Red Indians to feet
Or on some cartoon currently on TV
With painted posters on walls for all to see
"Zig Zag", "Watch", or "How We Used To Live"
Programmes for Schools that made you be creative
Learn to play the triangle or the recorder
Or sing in the choir in harmonic order

But what most you learn
Perhaps to your concern
The cruelty in our chants of orange balls
Orange balls
Here we go again

Mess around with PVA glue
Climb an A-frame without falling through
At a talent show you could impress
Or stand on the stage in Fancy Dress
Watching "Rainbow" when it was wet
If you were naughty, lines you would get
Orange and candle, Christingle pray
Harvest Festival, Nativity Play

But when we started the game
Everyone was fair game
And no-one could escape the orange balls
Orange balls
Here we go again

A uniform of dark blue and grey
We all looked the same every day
Even when we did PE in the hall
We wore the same white pumps, shorts and all
But we all belonged to a different team
Of colours red, blue, yellow, and green
Brought in games on the last day of school
Best days of your life, that is the rule

But now I'm getting old
These memories leave me cold
Never again shall I play orange balls
Orange balls
Here we go again

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