Personal Nostalgia Wave

Donít look back in anger
I heard the singer say
So I look back in sorrow
Itís not a better way

Am I the only person
That I have ever known
To have his own webpage
That makes me feel alone

Iím living on a personal nostalgia wave

I canít find my long-lost friends
Thereís no-one left I really know
Just names on a screen, barely recalled
But I canít let them go

I still think of old events
Nostalgia programs fix me in place
But all the lives Iíve lived before
Have sank leaving just a trace

Iím riding on a personal nostalgia wave

I am happy with my life
I should not need to delve right back
But I always am curious to know
Whatever happened to ....
Where are they now?

For all I know they could be dead
I keep thinking of that fact
But of course Iíll never know
Knowledge is what I lack

Maybe itís because Iím getting old
Another step closer to death
Iíll never have back what once I lost
So comes my final breath

Iím dying on a personal nostalgia wave

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