In Memoriam for a Long-Lost Daydream

I stand alone
And look out of windows.
No ringing on my phone
Pulls me away.

I think of you -
Times past -
And wish you too
Think of me.

When we met,
You said you remembered me.
But now I'll bet
You don't want to.

Can't you remember
So long ago
That dull day in September
I first saw you?

You were the one -
The first I ever saw.
The girl who went on
In front of me.

Can't you recall
Good times at our school?
In Assembly for instance,
You often claimed I played the fool.

Fancy Dress parties came and went,
And with them talent shows.
In each and every one you laughed.
Now such memories just add to my woes.

Of course there were some bad spells too,
Like when I nearly drowned.
However such times were so few
When you were there around.

Remember the games we played
At break and lunchtimes too?
We all ran round playing "Kiss Chase".
I wish I could have been caught by you.

And rounders too; remember that?
We played that in the afternoons.
Remember how I used to bat?
Either very well or not at all!

Above all else I remember the lessons,
You and me together in class.
In the same group for reading -
We were the top brass!

The Garden Festival, the many school plays,
The summer fetes and the last day.
In Infants and in Juniors too
We watched them all just flow away.

I was sad to leave.
This was natural I suppose.
But I did not believe
That it would be so bad to look back.

I feel like crying sometimes.
Good times or bad -
All were better than life now.
I feel just so sad.

And I remember you,
Your soft fair face and charm.
Is it any wonder then
That I long to hold your outstretched palm?

Remember my letters; it may have been madness,
It may have been love or despair.
All I know is I sent them in sadness
For I was lonely; no-one seemed to care.

Maybe I'm right; you never liked me.
Maybe that's just paranoia.
But I can't be your friend you see
If you and me have lost contact.

We met and talked; then nothing.
Almost a year I pined,
'Till my two friends advised me to ring.
So I did and you sounded kind.

All my fears were unfounded.
All your friendship seemed true.
I thought you wouldn't want to talk.
You surprised me when you said you do.

You agreed to become my pen-pal,
And write to me "in a fortnight".
Yet nothing since however.
I do not think that this is right.

To me this is enough proof
That says you're not a friend.
I'm sad again; daydreaming.
But there's now nothing on which I depend.

I miss you my long-lost Sarah.
I miss you more than you'll ever think.
Please write to me; even just once.
Please will you make that link.

I know you're happy now -
Happier than ever before.
But just for once please think of me
Prior to leaving for work once more.

Yes I always will love you,
But love isn't what I want any more.
All I wish is for you as a friend.
Without you my life feels so sore.

We've had our differences I know,
But with time I could again be a friend.
Please write to me and let me be so;
I'll feel so lonely else that soon my life will end.

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