That Fateful Day (24/07/86)

On a train,
I keep thinking back.
There are tears in my brain;
I can't help it.
Thinking of you
Makes me happy again.

On a coach,
Bound for the future,
I sit sad and lonely.
I wish you'd find
Me in your mind
And with you once again.

For six years,
Just like a puppy
Who'se owner has left, fears
And pines for her -
So I have been,
Just holding back my tears.

Now in bed,
Alone all am I.
I wish that you were here.
All cold I lie.
I wonder why.
Was it something I said?

Ten years old -
I was so young then -
We had to leave the fold.
We could not stay
For ever there.
Our leaving left me cold.

I came back.
I would have been glad
But somehow it felt wrong.
I feel so sad;
It drives me mad.
I wish I was back there.

It was May.
Again I met you.
But I just could not say
How much I'd love
To be near you,
And how with you I'd lay.

How I rue that fateful day.

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