These are the poems written about my days at Primary School, and the feelings of nostalgia for childhood in general. I think everyone goes through phases of wishing they could go back in time to the days when they believed life was easier and more fun; note that it's not always the case, but merely looking through life through rose-tinted glasses. Colomendy, by the way, was this Welsh farmstead that was used by Liverpool schools to provide Primary-Aged schoolchildren with the opportunity to spend a week in the country.

  • That Fateful Day
    The day in question being the last day I attended Primary School, back in '86. The poem was written in '92, and was the first poem I think I can say I ever wrote.
  • In Memoriam for a Long-Lost Daydream
    Oki, this is about one particular person in particular, who I went to Primary School with. It's quite long, and it goes through a number of things we did at primary school. The 'Garden Festival' was the International Garden Festival held at Liverpool in the summer of 1984. The poem was written on 18 April 1993; I had indeed met her by that point and we'd also chatted on the phone, but nothing lasting ever came of it.
  • Personal Nostalgia Wave
    Been around in some form since about '00, finally completed 12 September 03. This is the poem that "Plus Grandir" was originally going to end up like. I think it has a certain 'incomplete' feel to it, but I'm not sure what else to have added. I guess that's like life itself though - you can't do post-match analysis until after the final whistle.
  • Orange Balls
    The 'happy side' of nostalgia. It's basically just a light-hearted list of all the things I remember about life at Primary School. Completed 28 September 03.
  • Triolet about Sarah
    While surfing online I found details about all kinds of different poetic forms, and I thought I'd experiment. I had a non-rhyming couplet already written a couple of months previously and this seemed to be a perfect way to use them! For the record, I never really had a 'Childhood Sweetheart' when growing up - although my memory does seem to suggest I spent rather a lot of time in fact with a girl called 'Paula' ... Completed 13 December 03.
  • Do You Remember Bagpuss?
    Finally completed 6 January 04, following several re-stylings, two spin-off poems ("Plus Grandir" and "Personal Nostalgia Wave"), and a lot of frustration. And just to prove a point, a couple of days beforehand, my social group *did* have a conversation about remebering Bagpuss! Poem's a bit cutting, although as I do have a Bagpuss mobile phone cover, would I be considered a hypocrite? Phah, nostalgia!
  • Longmoor Lane Revisited
    Not yet complete ... actually not really begun (only 4 lines and a few notes ...)! I'm intending it to be sort-of like the 'flip' side to 'Orange Balls'

  • © Copyright 1992-2004, Ian T Oliver. No copying of these poems is authorised.
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