Do You Remember Bagpuss?

Born in the north in mid í75
Raised in a city that made me feel alive
Eleven years of memory flowing into me
Eleven years of life now lost to history

Brought up always with computers
Of which I knew more than my tutors
Could say Iím a first-generation nerd
And so at school my voice was always heard

Cold War, kidnap, death, and strife
My parentsí fears all came to life
I grew up with the world in tension
But none of that gets a mention

When my age group all get together
We donít even talk about the weather
But only the same things every time
Like some kind of nursery rhyme

Do you remember Bagpuss?
Itís the first question that everyone asks
Itís funny how the little things
Always seem to last

Nostalgia programmes on TV
Remind us how it used to be
Fashions, music, cartoon shows
ďI used to have one of those!Ē

You put on firm your rose-tinted glasses
The remembrance you celebrate surpasses
The reality of your childhood years
You ignore the pain, the fears

And with every day that passes so fast
You canít escape the dead hand of the past
Watching you at every turn
Wishing that you would learn

Eleven years from now there will be others
Whoíll get together along with their soul brothers
And with equal passion and obsession
Theyíll ask themselves the very same question

Do you remember Bagpuss?

Well, do you?

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