I sit alone
Watching stars shine in the sky
I think of you
I feel so sad I want to cry
I wonder why
Why should I always feel so grey
Why should it always be this way
Why should it always go astray
Why donít you stay

She sits alone
On a train watching time go by
I sit alone
Watching her through the corner of my eye.
But why?
Why do I waste my life like this?
Why do I sit and stare?
Why do I carry on like this?
Why do I never tear
Myself away from her?

I wrote you a letter
Itís pinned to my wall
Because of my fear
Couldnít give you a call
Went round to your house
And up to your door
I posted my note
And then left once more

I sit alone
Expecting no reply
I think of you
I know this is goodbye
I donít know why
Why must I always think of you
Why do I always feel so blue
Why must this always be so true
Why canít I start anew

Why canít I live without you

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