Untitled Number One

An empty heart,
Cold and alone,
Lies in the gutter
Dead as stone.

Lovers walk by,
Hand in hand.
Warmth between them
Like the sun and the sand.

Wrenched from friends,
Sorry and cheerless,
I watch from afar,
Lonely and loveless.

I should have had love.
I should have been with them.
But the chance slipped away
And smashed my life's gem.

Remembering Sarah
Makes me want to cry.
As I think of love,
I feel a tear in my eye

Welling up inside me,
But I cannot make it drop.
You all tell me to forget,
But I just cannot stop

Thinking of her.
As the rain falls through the day,
My heart feels cold and bleeds once more.
As the lovers stroll slowly away.

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