Real Life

I lie awake in bed; daydreaming.
I wish I didn't lie alone.
So cold and lonesome; dark and dreary.
The curtains hide my sorrow and despair.

My mind cries out - I hear my screaming.
Inside me my poor heart must moan.
Emptiness makes me see more clearly
That life has been to me unfair.

All I need is someone near me,
Someone to make my life whole.
But it seems I am destined to be lonely.
My only friends appear in my mind.

To anyone I would bend my knee,
For them I would pay any toll.
To anyone I could act friendly,
But no-one knows that I can be kind.

No-one knows just how I feel,
So I lie in bed so cold.
Just for friendship on anything I'd kneel,
I'd offer myself even as a slave of old.

But no-one wishes to hear,
No-one wants me it seems.
Is my friendship just too dear?
I guess forever I'll be stuck in my dreams.

Walking barefoot in the sea,
Hand in hand; heart in heart,
Together with a girl who loves me,
And never will we be apart.

In a park, under sun,
A lonely place by water's edge,
Splashing each other, having fun,
While sitting on a grassy ledge.

Below twilight on a soft cool lawn,
The wispy blades of grass beneath our toes,
With clothing cast aside, no footwear worn,
Lying together, like a bud and a rose.

But my dreams are not for real.
I feel alone; I wish to cry.
My sores and pain a girl could heal,
But no girl wants to try.

(All alone I lie,
and all alone I'll die,
with dreams breaking me apart,
and nothing next to my heart).

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