Who'd miss me
If I go?
Who'll miss me?
No-one I know.

Who'd notice
That I wasn't there?
Who'll notice?
No-one would care.


All alone.
I feel so low.
I feel despair.
I feel it grow.

There some play,
Happiness on their faces -
I feel so grey -
With friends they go to places

Where they laugh,
Where they sing,
Where they have fun -
I have nothing.

No-one knows.
No-one cares.
Were I to talk,
Or to wear flares.

No-one notices
That I am there.
If I were to go,
No-one would stir.

I want to friends,
I want to have fun.
But no-one there comes;
I feel like a nun.

I feel like a Nobody,
Living Nowhere.
No-one talks to me.
No-one could care.

If I were to go
Away for ever,
They would not miss me.
Not today, not tomorrow, never.

I am tempted to leave
Yet I have not the nerve.
I'm like a snowball
On a downward curve.

If I hit the bottom,
I will depart.
You'll see me no more,
You'll have broken my heart.

If then life were a trial,
You all would be my jury.
You'd all put on your black hats,
And read in a news story

About my end,
Which you yourselves did create.
Isolation and loneliness,
With no-one to call a mate.

As no-one would knowI did not want to go,
That I lay on my bed and cried.
As no-one did see
All I wanted to be
Was a friend, no-one tried.

And I died.

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