Voyages Sans Frontieres

Spring 2000. Taking advantage of the Easter and May Day Bank Holidays, and having previously planned in meticulous detail a route plan that would have taken us all the way round Europe (and then dismissing it as being too ambitious!), two quite laid-back and lovesick individuals went on a journey around South-West Europe by train.

Well, predominantly by train anyway. It was an Inter-Rail trip. Of course sometimes it turned out that trains were not necessarily the way to go ... !!

Some of this travel diary was written by Ian, and some by Laure. It thus might not necessarily flow quite as well as one would hope!

Day 16, the journey back to Birmingham, was not documented because we didn't really see the point. As far as we were concerned, the Inter-Rail trip ended once we'd hit Laure's home, despite the fact that she was not living there at the time! We didn't consider the route back to Birmingham to be a specific part of our holiday. Odd, but true!

Note that we played quite a lot of scrabble on this trip. We'd taken a game of travel scrabble with us; somewhere en route (we *think* it was on the way to Leon) we lost one of the letter 'N's but once we knew that we played on without it. We actually played it for forefits -> the loser got tickled that night by the winner for a number of minutes equivalent to the number of points they'd lost by!!!

Day 01 : Birmingham - Perpignan
Day 02 : Perpignan - Zaragoza
Day 03 : Zaragoza - Ponferrada
Day 04 : Ponferrada - Porto
Day 05 : Porto - Lisbon
Day 06 : Lisbon - Faro
Day 07 : Faro - Almeria
Day 08 : Almeria - Oujda
Day 09 : Oujda - Meknes
Day 10 : Meknes - Marrakesh
Day 11 : Marrakesh - Asilah
Day 12 : Asilah - Gibraltar
Day 13 : Gibraltar - Madrid
Day 14 : Madrid - Irun
Day 15 : Irun - La Rochelle
Day 16/17 : La Rochelle - Birmingham [Not Documented]
Route Map

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