Larsen :- Feedback

The alarm clock, every morning, it's the same
I don't hear it, that's how it is
It's like all the rumours that you spread about me
They don't affect me, it's better like that

As long as we'll be talking in that tone
I will turn the volume down
Deaf, you become deaf
All these sirens in our yards, they disturb us
Even if you change the channel
Heavy, the heart is heavy
All the alarms of love, that's feedback

We must return to human form

Radio, all the newspapers, they're the same
You can't communicate in this world
It rings, telephone, I turn a deaf ear
I don't answer, what's the use?

[Repeat Chorus]

Look where that gets us
Deaf, we stay deaf
A little love back between us would be enough
For us to return to human form

I keep the images without the sound
You have to change tone
Our silences are more beautiful than our rows
Why sculpt our souls with knives?

[Repeat Chorus]

Look where that gets us
Deaf, we stay deaf
All those cries for help, it's feedback
Let's return to human form
Deaf, don't be deaf
I swear to you that love is worth it
Leave your hand in mine

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