Vivre Cent Vies :- Live a Hundred Lives

I would love so much to be plural
When my singular is eating my wings

Be a star and stay anonymous
Live in the countryside but in the city centre

Erase my solitudes
Yes but without a family and without habits

White princess, prostitute in Bangkok
Wise philosopher and rock singer

Burn my nights, drown my days
Be faithful to a thousand loves

To live your life, only your life
To die of envy, a little ride and that's all

It hurts too much, it's not moral
Even to live half of them
Never mind, but live a hundred lives

I would love so much to change blood
To change dreams, faces, and accents

A plot, a house, and a big fire
Live free as a nomad, sleep under the stars

But who is who? And who's only one?
Only the judge and never the assassin?

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