Un, Deux, Trois :- One, Two, Three

I took myself by surprise
When I was just a kid
I was watching my nights fall
And didn't expect anything from them

Me in Springfield, Massachussetts
Life was flowing like water
One morning I got a life sentence
By turning my radio on

It was called Rock and Roll
It drove me wild
Me, I didn't understand anything
Except that it would be my life
You don't understand anything except that it sounds good

It went 1, 2, 3 ...
I heard that some people damn themsleves
For power, for gold
Everyone can sell their souls the way they want
We feel sorry for things they don't get

When I hear the intro to "Hey Joe"
I understand it better than any words
And nothing puts me in such a state
More than Aretha's voice

And it was more than just music
A language, a communion
A lay religion
Our way of saying no

Shoulder-length hair
Same idols and same temples
We all went in the same direction
Nowhere, yes, but together

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