Tu Manques :- I Miss You

There are different kinds of silences
Like materials or woods
Some profound, some short, some huge
Some you hardly hear

The rain drips and wets
Hair and jacket and what's not crying
I walk along the deserted streets
Where I miss you, step after step

I miss you, if only you knew
I miss you so much
More than you would have thought
Since not even the wind is important to me

Take a taxi, turn the pages
Congratulate, clap hands
Pack and pack again the suitcases
How do you do? See you tomorrow

You learn everything from your pains
I learned two things, after you :
The worst is at the end of your absence
I'm more alive than I think I am

I miss you, if you only knew
Infinitely, gently
More than I ever miss yourself
When I lose myself from time to time

Beware, they say, the moon is full
Is she empty too, sometimes?
If invisible, who would miss her?
Maybe others, not me.

I miss you, if only you knew
I miss you, funnily
I miss you

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