Reprendre, c'est voler :- To take back is to steal

I will keep the records, and you the record-player
The forewords of the books, I'll leave you the ends
I will take the phonebook, and you the telephone
We shared everything, we still share in the end

I take the goldfish, you take the tank
The large table is yours, I keep the four chairs
Everything must be clear, and above all, equal
We share the things when we don't share the dreams anymore

You will keep your Xs, and me my XYs
Never mind, we will never know what it would have given
It's surely better like this, it's wiser, it's correct
We will never know what he (she) would have thought

But as for love, you can keep it all
One evening, I gave it to you
And to take back is to steal
To take back is to steal

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