Puisque tu Pars :- Since you're leaving

Since shadow is winning
Since there is no moutain beyond the wind
Higher than the stairs of oblivion

Since I have to learn
For want of understanding
To dream my wishes, and live "so be it"'s

And since you think
That it is obvious
That sometimes, to give everything is not enough
Since it is somewhere else
That your heart is going to beat
And since we love you too much to hold you back
Since you are leaving

May the winds take you
Where more beautiful souls will love you better
Since they couldn't love you more
May life teach you, but may you stay the same
If you betrayed yourself
Then we would lose you for good
Keep this gift that we silently envied you
That strength to think that the best is still to come
And far from our cities
As October is from April
Know that here remains an indelible imprint of you

No tragedy, no tear
They're derisory weapons
Because there are pains that only cry inside
Since today your home is the horizon
In your exile try to learn how to come back
And not too late
In your story
Keep the memory
Of our good bye
Since you are leaving
I could have closed and forgotten all these doors
Left everything on a single sign from you but you didn't do it
I could have given so much love and so much strength
But all I could was still not enough
Not enough
Not enough
Not enough

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