Peur de Rien Blues :- Fear of Nothing Blues

There are the things that you can do
And those that you mustn't
There's everything that you mustn't say
And the things that you can't say
Lives that appeal to us
Their burns and their banality
But not to live them
Is worse than anything else
From being wise to drifting away
From regreting to being disgusted
It's only when I hold a guitar
That I fear nothing

When the judges deliberate
Whether I'm doing wrong or right
Whether I'm really sincere
Even I am not sure anymore
When the gossips hurt
When the picture fades away
I only have this mystery left
And it belongs to me
When I come near the light
And for one moment I hold it
With my guitar in hands
I fear nothing

There are the things that you thought
And didn't see as they were
But you keep silent
And you walk a bit quicker
Looks that you avoid
Moves that you don't make
The conscience a bit deaf
And not very proud of yourself
When the dose is too heavy
When the blues are going too far
I take my guitar in my hands
And I fear nothing

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