On Ira :- We Will Go

We will leave by night, when we still doubt that dawn will ever come back
Far from the submissive cities, we will follow the motorway, then we will lose the North
We will leave our keys, our maps and our codes, these prisons that want to hold us back
All these people that we see live as though they don't know that they will have to die
And who get caught by death in the evening
Beauty, we will go
We will leave just you and me, ou?, I don't know
Only roads are beautiful
And nevermind where they are taking us to
Beauty, we will go, we will follow the stars and golddiggers
If we find any we will keep searching anyway

We can't escape anything, not even our escapes
When we settle down we are dead
I have obeyed so much, chosen so little
And the wasted time is eating me

We will face the cold, the heat
We will forbid anything in between
Smokes, alcohols and tranquilisers-armours that stole us our pains
The truth will no longer frighten us

Beauty, we will go
We will go just you and me, where?, I don't know
Only roads shiver
The destinations look the same

Oh beauty, you will see
We will follow the stars and the golddiggers
We will never stop in harbours

Beauty, we will go
And the shadow might not catch us back
We won't change the world
But the world won't change us either
Beauty, take my arm
There will thousands like us, you will see
And even though everything is already played; we will go, we will go!

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