Là-bas :- Over There

[Jean-Jacques Goldman]
Over there, everthing is new and wild
Free continent without fences
Here our dreams are narrow
That's why I will go over there
Over there, it takes heart and courage
But everthing is possible at my age
If you have the strength and the faith
Gold is at your reach
That's why will go over there

Don't go there
There are storms and wrecks
Fire, devils and illusions
I know you can be so fragile sometimes
Stay curling against me

We have so much love to make
So much happiness to come
I want you you to be husband and father
But you're dreaming of going away

[Jean-Jacques Goldman]
Here everything is planned
And we can't change anything about it
Everything depends on your birth
And I wasn't born in the right place

Over there, far from lives and our villages
I will forget your voice and your face
It's no use holding you in my arms
You're escaping already

Over there - I will have my chance and my rights
Don't go there - and the pride that I don't have here
Over there - everything you deserve is yours
Don't go there - here people impose their law
Over there - maybe I will lose you there
Don't go there - but I lose myself if I stay here
Over there - lfe didn't leave me any choice
Don't go there - you and me will be over there or we won't be
Over there - everything is new and wild
Don't go there - free continent without fences
Over there - beautiful as one cannot imagine
Don't go there - here even our dreams are narrow
Over there - that's why I will go over there
Don't go there - I wasn't given the choice
Over there - I lose myself if I stay here
Don't go there - That's why I will go over there

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