Il y a :- There is

There is thyme and heather
And pine woods
Nothing very clever
There are streams and clearings
Not enough to make a mountain
Of this place
There are odours of mint
And fireplaces
With fire in them
There are slow days and nights
And not much history

And far from everything, far from me
It's here that you feel at home
From here that you go
Where you always come back to
And where everything will end

There are children and grandmothers
A small church
And a big café
There are, at the bottom of the graveyard
Joys and miseries
And time that has passed

There is a small school
And wooden benches
Like in the old days
There are pictures that stick to your fingers
And your heart beating

[Repeat Chorus]

And the drier the soil is, the bigger your love for it is
Like a miner to his mine
A sailor to his ocean
The more ungrateful nature is, wanting sweat and mud
Because we need the others so much to need us
It carries the traces of their sorrows and their blood
Like a mother always prefers her most fragile child

[Repeat Chorus]

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