Filles Faciles :- Easy Girls

I feel a particular tenderness
For those girls who don't have manners
The hospitable, the docile
You call them easy girls
Those who don't bargain their body
Neither for words nor for gold
Who you don't need to do a speech to
Neither for their top nor their stockings
For a few guitar notes
They will sleep a bit later
They say that mornings are fine
They say that with someone else it's even better
The unexpected, the shy
The girls who understand without telling
Who only one look
To light up your life in one evening

Little song of gratitude
For those stars of my youth
I didn't forget one
Dear and precious, each one of them

Those who found me "edible"
Before I reached the top fifty
In balls and in youth clubs
As well as on top of the highest towers
Those who don't swap their pleasure
For what you think or what you're going to say
Who say "OK" for the Hell
Against a bit of paradise on Earth
Little moments fraudulently taken
Like an Autumn to hot countries
With the taste of stolen kisses
Always a bit sweeter
Without talking or thinking about it
Not after any promises or pledges
It doesn't matter in the slightest
When it's love you love to love

Tonight I want to pay a tribute to them
It will be the second time
I want them to know that I'm sorry
To do it only with my voice

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