Fais des Bébés :- Make Babies

Acid, bitter
Without point of reference,
Broken, KO, "end of the roll", with no more that sticks.
The world has deceived you.
You hate the whole of humanity,
And of course no more hot water when you want to take a bath.

And you don't know,
And you're lying to yourself,
Plain dreams, dumb and mean, and you are sinking while rowing.
No more fuel, and still a few kilometres to go.
And lots of red lights which waste your time, of course.

There is one means left which can earn you a lot,
If you still have a little blood, bones, and skin.
It's far better than a Safari, adventure guaranteed.

If your present is more than imperfect,
And you're crying for help,
It's a bargain for two seized night and day.
It doesn't wear out if you get too close, that's for sure.
When you're cold it raises your temperature.

Playing is not cheating especially in disorder.
And the more you play, the more you touch, you even have the right to bite.
It's the way it is, baby.

Make babies, make babies.
If you don't know what you're doing here anymore, what you are useful for,
They will know it for you, become a parent again.
Not complicated, making babies.

In a test tube, inseminated,
Don't care about the bottle, just get drunk and have a good time.
Forget your past, here is your new start.
For the sake of experimenting, what's the difference between experience and intuition.
(Good luck!)

They will find you handsome, intelligent,
Tall and strong, interesting, at least until they're 8 years old.
Existential problem, should the mush be liquid or not.
Enemy : the lumps, or if too hot or too cold.

It's free, sometimes you get five for the price of one.
Girls like them, and they make your mates laugh.
Permanent cinema, one hundred times better than FR3.

OK, it makes noise, it doesn't always smell good,
But between us, it's her that looks after the bottles.
It will make you sleep less than amphetamines.
It will solve your problems, your doubts and your blues.

So long,
Like a day without you.
Or a day with you besides.
That depends on times.
That's the way it is, chérie.

[Repeat CHORUS]

Make babies, make babies.
Perhaps they will be fodder for their filthy bombs.
But also brains so not to drop them.
A B C D, make babies.

Make babies, make babies.
You will never tell them that some wars are holy.
That the reasons of state choke the cries, the complaints.
It's not sorcery, make babies!

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