Entre Gris Clair et Gris Foncé :-
Between Light Grey and Dark Grey

Faded, the messages from the sky.
The evidence, untainted by the sun.
Faded, the red blood of Hell.
Eden, a little less pure, a little less clear.
Soiled, stained, the white of the flags,
And the heady green of hope.
The serenity of people who believe,
That peace of soul given by faith.

Organised, the well-signed paths,
Cast off the idols and large sails,
The slogans we hurl at the top of our voices,
Without a shadow of hesitation.
Televised, the most beautiful stories.
Tarnished, the good upsetting the baddies.
The devils are not really black any more,
Nor are the whites absolutely innocent.

Forgotten, forgotten,
Faded, our pastel years, programmed,
Between light grey and dark grey.

Scripted, the stories of love.
All the 'never's, the 'I swear's, the 'always's.
Long and sewn with obstacles is the road,
Of the sacred opinion polls and the audience figures.
Analysed, the friendship of novels,
And the pledges of blood brothers.
Beautiful hate which burns the heart,
Controlled through a pacemaker.

[Repeat Chorus]

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