Doux :- Sweet

It's not me that will tell you stories
Of werewolves and big baddies
If we have to fight for you to like it
I'm ill at ease

I won't love you in sweat
Like a Stakhanovist of happiness
Honey-toned voice, "Happy, then?"

Like a blonde Australian on the warm sand
Surfing on the waves, salt on the skin
Big smiles, big muscles

But I will be sweet
Like an unexpected kiss on the neck
Caring, warm at your feet
Caresses and words as you like them
Lazy as one can be, anywhere
But sweet
I will be sweet
Like a velvet cat, a liquorice pastille
Snuggling in the shelter of our igloo
Lying down, standing, upside down
Sorcerer of all your taboos
So sweet

If you want an intellectual
A witful man, a nobel prize
If I have to shine in all of Paris
If success turns you on
Yuppy style, cool, but dynamic
Coke for speed, pills to sleep
Forget it

I won't explain from A to Z
The Kama-Sutra in ten lessons
The instructions, techniques
I avoid them

{Repeat Chorus]

The admitted accomplice, the toy
Of all your fantasies and El-Dorados
Exclusive captain of your cruises
So sweet

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